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 Jobniks Works for You 

The world economy has gone down the drain, but people still need to pay their bills.
Jobniks creates a map of goods and services being sold by people in close proximity to one another. So you can buy cakes from Jodi down the block, and Mike across the street can hire you to teach his daughter piano.
It's old fashioned, community-based economics - modernized.
It's free. It's easy. It's Jobniks.  

Did you spend a ton of money on something you only use once every blue moon? Rent it out. Whether it's a wedding dress, tools, a designer bag or jewelry, don't let it collect dust. Rent it out on Jobniks.


Find a Carpool Buddy

Save money and protect the environment by sharing rides to work, to school or on a road trip. Split driving days, the cost of gas or whatever else you want.

Why waste food? Take all that unopened, packaged food that's been sitting in your cabinet for ages and help feed those in need. Our "Food Bank" category can help you find a place to drop it off.

Feed the Hungry